6 months in the fridge


6 months in the fridge

What does winter look like in the far north? According to the clichés: as dark and cold as a refrigerator. And yet it is precisely in these wintertime months that photographer Michael Königshofer picks up his camera and heads to the Arctic Circle!

In this rich and original photo book, the Scandinavia-savvy Austrian captures much more than the clichéd images of the Northern Lights. With an eye on the coexistence of nature and culture, Königshofer explores how lives are lived in this intense and extreme environment, from the traditional ivory carver in Greenland to the ice surfer in the North Cape. The result is an authentic portrait of Scandinavian life, showing a whole new side to life up north.

Uitgever: teNeues Books
ISBN: 9783961713493
Bindwijze: Hardback
Afmetingen: 23,5 cm x 30 cm
Aantal pagina’s: 208 Pages
Illustraties: 100 kleur, 20 zwart/wit


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