Cool Private Island Resorts


Cool private Island Resorts

From temperate forests to white tropical sands, island retreats let you get away from the world–or take it all with you! No matter if it’s simple rustic shacks or deluxe sanctuaries with spas and five-star cooking, there’s an island resort to match all tastes. The locations range from freshwater lakes to the middle of vast oceans. Whether it’s an ornate mansion on a dramatic
windswept rock or a sunlit beach bungalow in the balmy South Seas, there is an ideal island resort out there to suit you. Whether for a spectacular wedding, a unique family gathering, or a stunning corporate event, your ideal island retreat is out there–waiting to welcome you to its solitary shores.

Taal: Engels
Bindwijze: Hardcover
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Auteur: TeNeues
Uitgever: TeNeues
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