IBIZA The Coolest Hotspots


IBIZA The Coolest Hotspots

Ibiza is natuurlijk hét party en relax eiland van europa! Naast het feit dat veel mensen bij ibiza gelijk denken uit uitgaan, dansen en feesten heeft Ibiza echt vele mooie
plekken die je kunt ontdekken en bezoeken! Geheime stranden, monumenten en de lekkerste authentieke restaurantjes!

Auteur: Conrad White Holk-Benghalem, Asiye
Uitgever: Loft Publications
Taal: Engels
Bindwijze: Hardcover
ISBN nr: 9788499360546
Aantal pag: 336 pagina’s

Ibiza is an island of magical contrasts that reflect the passage of time through its history, colonisations and its people of different roots, customs and ways of understanding its particular tolerance and idiosyncrasy. The island has a magical light, lined with light blue in the sky and turquoise in the sea, especially in spring and autumn, where the digital sigh of a camera’s frame can capture the brightness and colour of the sensations that can be experienced through its places, architecture and people. This is a guide to Ibiza created from a photographic viewpoint, seeking the value of the locations through the eyes of two unique artists with the camera. The photographers have found a new way of understanding the environment, with the care, dedication and ecological respect, revealing shapes and colours that people otherwise may not have fully appreciated. This book will introduce you to the beauty of secret, magical and surprising Ibizan locations and buildings that your senses will never forget.


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