Little book of Chanel by Lagerfeld (Eng)


Little Book of Chanel by Lagerfeld: The Story of the Iconic Fashion Designer: 15

The House of Chanel is synonymous with not one, but two, iconic designers. First there was Gabrielle, and then there was Karl.

Chanel is a house known for its signatures that not only changed the course of fashion history but still resonate today – the Little Black Dress, the tweed suit, costume jewelry, Chanel No.5. These signatures were inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s taste, life experience and travels – but it was Karl Lagerfeld who took these signatures and ingeniously adapted them for the twenty-first century woman. From his first days at the helm of Chanel in the 1980s, to his creative application of the Chanel logo to everything from biker boots to a space rocket, King Karl’s reign at Chanel is nothing if not legendary.

Little Book of Chanel by Lagerfeld covers his most exquisite pieces, breathtaking catwalk shows and constant reinvention that have maintained Chanel as the most illustrated couture house in the world. Written by the bestselling author of Little Book of Chanel, this beautifully illustrated book is the essential guide to Lagerfeld’s tenure at Chanel.

Auteur: Emma Baxter-Wright
Uitgever: ‎Welbeck Publishing Group
Taal: ‎Engels
Bindwijze: Hardcover ‏
Aantal pagina´s: ‎160 pagina’s
ISBN ‏: ‎ 9781802790160
Afmetingen: ‎ 13.34 cm x 1.91 cm x 18.42 cm

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