Mountain Escapes


Mountain Escapes, the finest hotels & retreats from the Alphs to the Andes

From the secluded mountain hut to the luxury ski chalet, to the resort reaching up to the sky, this unique and aspirational travel book presents the best mountain hotels around the world. Author Martin N. Kunz, an expert in the special hotel industry, shares detailed insider information, as well as thrilling photographs of these stunning mountain locations, from Aspen to the Atlas foothills, from the Himalayas to Machu Picchu. Bonus digital access take readers directly to each featured accommodation, where more pictures, videos, and sometimes even soundtracks, await.

Taal: Engels
Bindwijze: Hardcover
Aantal pagina’s: 256 pagina’s
ISBN-13: 978-3961712465
Afmetingen: 24.46 x 31.45 cm
Uitgever: teNeues

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