Nudes in Steel


Nudes in Steel by Yoram Roth

A must for fans of Yoram Roth’s works and any contemporary art lover. A lush photography coffee table book that includes four separate series of work and a focus on the human body. With a thematic explanatory introduction by the artist and fascinating behind-the-scene images, illustrating the ideas and inspirations for the artworks and their production process.

Our daily lives are overwhelmed by visual stimuli. Amid this abundance, German-born fine art photographer Yoram Roth invites the viewer to linger and interpret his imagery by staging deliberate, timeless, and distilled scenes. This luxurious new coffee table book, Nudes in Steel, gathers Roth’s latest works that have a particular focus on the human body. The collection spans four Yoram Roth series, each of which bring image details to the foreground with the help of steel frames. Thematically, the series is inspired by Renaissance and Baroque painting and evolves from narrative work (Quiet Devotion); a play of light and shadow (Personal Disclosure); a new emphasis on figuration (White Set); and a staging of the fragile human body in a harsh, inhospitable environment (Brutalism). Nudes in Steel takes the viewer on an intense visual journey through Yoram Roth’s photographs, carefully curated and juxtaposed in book form. Browse through the pages and take the time to let this artist photographer capture your imagination.

Bindwijze: hardcover
Taal: Engels, Duits
Formaat: 35,3 x 45 cm
Aantal pagina’s: 160
Aantal foto’s: c. 130 kleurenfoto’s
Auteur: Yoram Roth
ISBN: 978-3-96171-099-7
Uitgever: teNeues

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